This handmade fused glass coaster had a line of bubbles effect in the shape of a mandala pattern


The coasters have pretty blue bubbles that are fused between 2 clear pieces of glass.  Each coaster is unique due to the differing reactions whilst firing in my home kiln up to 800oC


They have a beautiful smooth finish and are perfect to set off a nice cup of tea or a glass of GnT.


Each coaster measures 9cm x 9cm (4"x4") and has rubber feet on the bottom to protect your table and stop them slipping.  They can be hand-washed, try not to fully submerge them as the rubber feet may become detached.


Glass coasters are awesome due to their weight and inability to stick to the bottom of glasses with condensation on them!  (my pet hate 🤪)


The price is for 1 coaster

Bubble Coaster