Gorgeous greetings card with attached glass keepsake which can be detached and hung up using the ribbon attached.

This is a greeting card and present in one as the handmade keepsake is attached which will be a perfect reminder of the sender.

The keepsake is made from two hand-cut pieces of clear glass which then have a hand cut copper stars trapped inside using my specialist kiln. The glass is then wrapped in copper foil to finish it perfectly and allow the ribbon to be attached so it can be hung up.

The piece is then attached to a white card which is blank so you can add your own message onto the front and inside. In the cellophane wrapper there is also an envelope (I would recommend writing the envelope before you put the card in! Just based on past experience :))

A really great card to send to anyone who needs cheering up or as a love token for Valentines day

The card is white 240gsm - 13cmx13cm with the glass piece sized at 4cmx4cm. Each glass piece is individually cut so slight variation from the pictured card may occur

This piece is made in my studio in Stirling, Scotland

Gorgeous Keepsake card