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View from a Window

A couple of months ago I decided it would be lovely to make myself a nice large piece to prove to myself that I could and also to showcase what I can do. I had an idea of making a piece in a reclaimed wooden framed window and I set about finding one... more tricky that you may think... after a few duff tries looking in skips, asking on facebook groups and looking in the local reclamation yard, I eventually found one on Ebay. Biting the bullet and paying the shipping the window arrived and it was in a bad shape - YAY! just the thing...

And here it is in the workshop with the glass removed - ready to get started:

Now I knew what I was working with, the design came next - I wanted something that could be looked through but with a pattern which would replicate the view outside. My design skills seemed to have been somewhat lacking as the sizing is completely wrong - but the idea was there:

So I picked the colours and got started on the eight seperate panels. Cutting glass, fitting the glass, cutting the lead and soldering it and then polishing and cleaning them up:

Then I fitted into the frame - YES! they fit hoorah :):

And so to the finished product once the frame was fully cleaned up and the putty was in (a new skill to learn!)

I'm really pleased with how it turned out and now it sits in the hall to make me smile. I love it!

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