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Learning in Lockdown

I had signed up for a stained glass online painting course in January and it was due to start in March for 8 weeks. Each Tuesday for the 8 weeks a further part of the course was released to eager students - this turned out to be the perfect solution for my lockdown blues as the college closed with only Zoom lectures for the forseable.


This is the blurb from the course:

Illuminate is a foundation course in traditional, kiln-fired stained glass painting:

  • It's for those of you who are new or fairly new to glass painting

  • It's also for anyone who learned to paint a while back, and now you want a reliable method to revise the key techniques.

The whole course is online - you can learn from anywhere you have internet.

  • We only teach it twice a year.

  • It lasts 8 weeks.

  • Each week you get new videos - these videos teach you new skills.

  • Watch these videos anytime you want - from the day you get them, they're always yours.

By the end of the course - if you practise the exercises and designs we give you - you'll become remarkably confident with the key techniques.

I really enjoyed the course and felt like I got loads from it - especially learning how to mix the paint correctly and, crucially, understand the consistency.

The following photo shows a cockatrice which I painted as part of the course... not something I would normally paint but it brought together all that I had learnt:

Now I just need to practice mixing paint, tracing and flooding.. oh, and find my own style - easy.